• Just wanted to say service ,service.service 10/10, cannot fault it overnight delivery and I always leave it that I am running out but don’t fear 24hrs your product arrives Now about the product ,I have not only saved  my lungs of 8463 milligrams of poison and hold on it’s only been 48 days. For my wife there’s no more moaning of smelling of smoke which is huge but I have saved $1100 including the $200 I have spent on Kikit. I can not recommend this product enough my lungs are working like normal but my skin and general well being has improved so make the change and save money. It’s going to be $40 dollars a pack soon


    Wayne Shotland

  • Just wanted to comment on this product which I have been using now for about 2 months.

    I cannot comment on the health risks since I do not know what these are, however, I would only presume that it is less risky than a conventional cigaret. I am now down to using my ecig about twice a day. The service I have received in regard to the product has been professional and impeccable. I had some issues with a faulty battery and a faulty charge The supplier was overseas at the time, but replied to my problem within minutes of me sending an sms. He then organised immediate replacement, fully understanding the psychology behind someone dependent on their ecigarette . The changeover was seamless. Ordering of cartridges and receiving them is also handled professionally and speedily so that there is no panic or anxiety bout running out of supply.recommend this product if you are trying to give up.


    Bev Lanesman
  • “I have been fighting with an addiction to tobacco for years. After many unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking I decided to try KIKIT electronic cigarettes. I have to say I was pretty cynical! I am now happy to say that I have not smoked a tobacco cigarette for 6 weeks, nor do I want to.


    Rebecca Powell
  • “I had been smoking a pack a day for 16 years, had tried every possible way to give up bit struggled every time until I discovered not only electronic smoking but specifically KIKIT

    The transition was enjoyable and simple. They taste delicious, strong vape, strong flavor, clean nice easy pull and dealing with replenishment is easy. I love kickit and have all my friends onto it…Romy

    Romy Woollman
  • “I’ve been using KIKIT E- Cigarettes for two weeks and am very confident that I won’t be smoking packet cigarettes again. I’m saving money, feeling better and my wife is happy because I don’t stink around the kids.

    20 years smoking. Quit for a few months here and there but I know it’s possible now.”

    Regards, Mick.

    Michael de Beer
  • “I Have been a 20 a day smoker (Marlboro full strength), for 20 years and have tried every type of nicotine replacement over the last 6 yrs in an attempt to quit smoking. I started vaping with this product 5 months ago and am delighted with the success I’ve achieved. I am now a non smoker thanks to Kikbak.”

    Dr Richard Oxenbould