Stylish. Seamless. Disposable.

Introducing the latest 1200 puff disposbale tobacco vape.

Why Choose KIKIT

Mini Vaporisers and Vape Pens

Whether you are looking for an alternative to tobacco for the first time or wanting a more efficient vaping device, then you have arrived at the right place. There is a massive trend away from tobacco cigarettes all over the world with smokers now having alternatives without using combustible tobacco products. Technology has advanced in this space and KIKIT has combined with leaders in vaping technology to bring to the market premium products that use quality  E-Liquid that produces a satisfying vaping experience the less than the price of a traditional cigarette.

KIKIT have partnered with the leading vaping manufacturers to ensure that safety standards are met both in the production of batteries, charging devices and in the manufacture of E-Liquids. Batteries are made to comply with safety standards set by both European and American electrical regulators. E liquids consist of quality grade PG and VG to ensure the cleanest vaping experience.

Our products are designed to be simple, no coil replacement and no filling of liquid and no buttons or noise. We specialize in disposable devices and the more environmentally friendly rechargeable

KIKIT products are intended for existing smokers for  recreational use and make no claim about therapeutic benefits


Huge Vapour
Reliable Battery Performance
PG/VG E Liquid with 0 to 5% nicotine
Free shipping for orders over $200
1 year warranty on all parts

IGET Disposables

600 puff
1800 puff XXL
2300 puff MAX (coming soon)