“Just wanted to comment on this product which I have been using now for about 2 months.

I cannot comment on the health risks since I do not know what these are, however, I would only presume that it is less risky than a conventional cigaret. I am now down to using my ecig about twice a day. The service I have received in regard to the product has been professional and impeccable. I had some issues with a faulty battery and a faulty charge The supplier was overseas at the time, but replied to my problem within minutes of me sending an sms. He then organised immediate replacement, fully understanding the psychology behind someone dependent on their ecigarette . The changeover was seamless. Ordering of cartridges and receiving them is also handled professionally and speedily so that there is no panic or anxiety bout running out of supply.recommend this product if you are trying to give up. The oviduct was bought as a gift for me by someone’s who used it successfully.”