E-cigarettes could be the ‘imperfect’ solution to saving lives

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A billion people are projected to die this century from smoking and there could be a solution but it’s not a perfect one.

While a new documentary looks into the life-saving potential of e-cigarettes, the New Zealand Government has announced its plans to fund further research on vaping technology and its role in helping Kiwis quit smoking.

E-cigarettes or vaporisers are electrical devices that mimic real cigarettes by producing vapour by heating an “e-liquid” solution, which the user inhales, or “vapes”. E-liquid is available with or without nicotine and usually contains propylene glycol and flavouring agents

A Billion Lives – a film about the potential e-cigarettes have to save lives and reduce harm by switching smokers to vaping nicotine had its world premiere in Wellington on Wednesday

It’s also a step some big players with vested interests don’t want smokers to take, according to Biebert and scientists like former World Health Organisation (WHO) executive director Derek Yach.

According to Biebert, “a perfect storm is brewing”.

“One of the most contentious health debates of all time is raging among health charities funded by pharmaceutical companies, government regulators, and smokers looking to quit smoking



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