The Deluxe Mini Vape Pen Kit

The Deluxe Mini Vape Pen Kit


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Small and discreet fits in the palm of your hand. Containing everything that is needed to give E-Cigarettes a serious go. Now with 3 x 450 mah large batteries  giving you the all  power you need for someone who smokes between 10 and 20 cigarettes a day Batteries, e liquid disposable non leaking cartridges all at your finger tips.

  • 3 x Rechargeable GK8 45omah Lithium Ion batteries -the latest in E-Cigarette technology
  • 1 x Rechargeabale 145mah Lithium Ion battery
  • 13 x E Liquid Vapour Cartridges are equivalent to over 10 packets of cigarettes
  • 1 x Carbon Fiber Carry Case
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Wall Adapter (Australian C Tick approved)
  • 1 x Travel Box



(21 customer reviews)
Warning: product will contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. KIKIT E-Cigarettes does not sell or stock cartridges containing nicotine in Australia. Users selecting this option are importing directly from New Zealand .

The most discreet product on the market. No button no noise and sits perfectly in the palm of your hand

Insert cartridge and take a 5 second slow draw, very slowly is best not to take in too much air.All you need is 3 x 5 second draws which is equal to one cigarette. When the cartridge tastes burnt after about 80 long puffs replace the cartridge. Each cartridge contains .08ml of liquid.


When the battery flashes it needs recharging. About 3 hours



Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 2 cm

21 reviews for The Deluxe Mini Vape Pen Kit

  1. Glenn Ruddle

    This is actually great value. I used to smoke V2′,s from the US but the postage took to long and the vapour wasnt as good as these guys. Considering you get 12 cartridges with this kit its an excellent deal. Keep it up
    Glenn- Bronte

  2. Billy Aziz

    I got recommended to this from a friend who has tried a lot of these things, so I bought a kit. I got it the next day, Opened up the case, gave it a puff and was blown away by the taste and vapour. Im quite a big smoker and its now my second week, and going strong. I still have had a few ciggies but have cut back heaps. I have LAID BAC flavour because its pretty mellow. The case is good, it fits in my pocket pretty well …so for the moment im a fan

  3. Oliver

    My first time trying to quit cigs using e-cigs – I bought the deluxe kit which lasted me about 6 weeks, and I just got more refills.

    It’s funny – the taste of real cigarettes is actually disgusting after your body knows it can get the same nicotine hit and smoking experience without putting actual smoke in your lungs!

    Also probably the best thing about them is I wake up after a night out and have no constricted, dry feeling in my lungs like I do when I smoked a pack the night before which is awesome.

    I’m pretty confident I won’t be needing to go back to tobacco.

  4. Micheal Johnson

    I have been vaping for a little while using EGO tanks and my own E Liquid but I was sick of the liquid leaking everywhere.I used to vape mini ecigs like these but couldnt get enough vapour and the batteries always ran out to quick. I must say the vapour that these guys get is as good as any. The batteries I wish would last longer but I have a few always charged up so I am adapting. I use both their LAID BAC and KIK BAC tobacco flavours and they taste pretty good. More expensive than tanks..but no more leaking
    Micheal J….Brisbane

  5. Liz Janes

    Super quick delivery…very impressed. The Charging Case is excellent, its easy to use and strong. My husbands happy, no smoke, no smell. Its all good in the house!!

  6. Charlie

    Now that the Portable Charging case is included its better value
    Dover Heights

  7. Andy Bell

    The only reason I got this was because I am sick of paying $20 a pack of smokes. So the way I see it at 9 cartridges which they say is about 9 packs Im prepared to give it a go. Best case is I get rid of the ciggies and worst case is Ive saved $90…go figure

  8. Bob Sanderson

    I decided to ring these guys because I have a friend who uses another brand but the shipping with them was expensive and took forever to get. I was a bit sussed at first because I wanted Nicotine and wondered how they could get it to me so quickly. Anyways, it arrived in a couple of days and I was super impressed with the packaging and the whole look of it all. Took a puff and got the vapour they talk about. Very impressed and highly recommend

  9. Pat Tirrel

    It actually works really well. Had some issues with the lid but they replaced that . Sometimes it doesn’t make the connection if I have dropped the case but apart from a bit of clumsiness from my part I do recommend it

  10. Kristy Contoy

    I really like this. It has no buttons, no noise, gives me a hit and is so discreet it fits in my pocket. Much prefer this over the tanks

  11. Ashleigh Taylor

    Recommended by a friend and so glad she did. Love it as it has no oil mess, they dont leak and easy cartridge system plus David is great with support

  12. Peter Simpson

    Was surprised how simple it was to use, the best thing is that batteries are quiet and the cartridges don’t leak

  13. Graham Evans

    Used to use a tank device. A friend recommended me to KIKIT and the service is great. Off the smokes in 1 month and cant recommend this product highly enough.Super

  14. Mike G.

    Very impressed. I got this because if the size being so small as I was sick of the size of my other vape device. It gives a punch which I was surprised with . Really good value

  15. Natasha G

    Decided to give it a go and wont look back. Now off the smokes and very happy. Took me a while to get used too but cut back by 1/2 my cigarette usage within a month. Very quick delivery

  16. Silvia H

    Good value. The 13 cartridges lasted me 2 weeks and I am a pack a day smoker. One didn’t work and they replaced it immediately so was impressed with their customer service. Got it the next day

  17. Andrew G

    I really do like the way it feels in your hand. Its small and fits into my pocket. Dropped it a couple of times and all good. Its pretty tough.

  18. Andrea Damens

    Service fantastic. Good throat hit and super quiet. No power button which I like as my last device always went off in my hand bag. I love the size of it.

  19. Becky Sheoif

    Quite impressed so far. The kit has it all and the batteries are very quite which is a bonus. Cartridges are good and service is excellent

  20. Joanna Hever

    The size is what I love about this. No one can see that I am vaping. Brilliant

  21. Peter K

    The kit came in a day. Super fast delivery and great communication by the company. They rang the day I got it and talked me through it. Very impressed

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