The Starter Mini Vape Pen Kit

The Starter Mini Vape Pen Kit

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Known as the pocket rocket it is robust and the smallest yet most powerful battery on the market. Popular for being discreet without buttons or noise. Fits into the palm of your hand.

  • 1 x Rechargeable  GK-450mah Lithium Ion ini  battery offering the latest in e cigarette technology
  • 3 x E Liquid Vapour Cartridges are equivalent to about 3 packets of cigarettes
  • 1 x Carbon Fibre carry case to slide into a pocket or hand bag
  • 1 x USB Charger

When the battery flashes it needs recharging. About 3 hours

(15 customer reviews)
Warning: product will contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. KIKIT E-Cigarettes does not sell or stock cartridges containing nicotine in Australia. Users selecting this option are importing directly from New Zealand .

You have heard about E Cigarettes and the  benefits over tradition smoking then give it a go with this starter kit. With one second generation  GK-450mah rechargeable battery and 3 x E Liquid Vapour Cartridges you now have an alternative to traditional cigarettes. The starter kit has 3 x cartridges

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Easy to use. Automatic, no buttons

Insert cartridge and take a 5 second slow draw, very slowly is best not to take in too much air.All you need is 3 x 5 second draws which is equal to one cigarette. When the cartridge tastes burnt after about 80 long puffs replace the cartridge. Each cartridge contains .08ml of liquid.

When the battery flashes it needs recharging. About 3 hours


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Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 2 cm

15 reviews for The Starter Mini Vape Pen Kit

  1. Darren Glick

    Love the case fits into my pocket and saved me $100 in my first couple of weeks so then bought a few more batteries and carts. A bit expensive but still cheaper than the ciggies
    Terrey Hills

  2. Debbie Goldstein

    Thought I would give it a go, as I was getting about 2 packets of smokes it seemed worth it. Glad I did, bought some more cartridges and hubby is happy
    Rose Bay

  3. Gayle Johnson

    I was a bit sceptical at first as I had heard they were worse for you then cigarettes but it seems that’s all BS. Im a huge fan now and wont go back to the cancer sticks
    Gayle Johnson

  4. Robyn Casgrave

    Love it. Stylish black case and perfect for a night out with the girls,

  5. Jane Bander

    This was referred by my Doctor and im so glad he did. David is amazing, battery wasn’t working so he came round and replaced it immediately. He also packed the case out with a few more cartridges. Early days but happy I have started

  6. Michelle

    Just got one today as it was referred by my doctor. Super
    It feels real and my kids are happy
    Michelle Mornay

  7. Steve Papas

    Got the starter kit as a present and used it for a week and during that time I didn’t need or want a smoke. The taste is very real, and is actually very satisfying.

  8. John Trimms

    For $29 its good value. I am a heavy smoker so went through the carts pretty quickly and then bought another 4 pack. Service is great

  9. Warren Gruts

    For a mini vape its one of the best. I had tried a few before but they were useless. The quality is very good and the best thing its small.

  10. Tracey Dark

    Son bought me this, thought it was a toy. But its actually very good. Trying to give up, used patches but this is a better way to go.

  11. Karen S

    Its a great little kit. Very impressed, love the size and vapour

  12. Simon

    My husband is very happy I have got this. Was a little sceptical at first but now am a convert. Such a great little kit

  13. Bill Trestre

    Very small and just what I wanted. Taste is good and actually I don’t feel like a cigarette, so quite impressed

  14. Charles Johansen

    A newbie to vaping. Was a pack a day and was just getting to expensive. I use it quite a lot so going through 2 cartridges day but still ahead.

  15. Tamara J

    Very quick postage. Easy to use and so small.

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