KIKIT Vape Pod Kit

KIKIT Vape Pod Kit


4.80 out of 5
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A stylish addition to the KIKIT range is the new lightweight slimline  Vape Pod  system with disposable nicotine/non nicotine 2.0 ml pods in tobacco and menthol.


1 x 350mah Rechargeable battery(quick charge 70 mins)

1 x micro USB charging lead

3 x 2.0 ml disposable prefilled pods with 1.2 ohm coil

1 x leather pouch lanyard

1 x KIKIT Travel case





(59 customer reviews)
Warning: product will contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. KIKIT E-Cigarettes does not sell or stock cartridges containing nicotine in Australia. Users selecting this option are importing directly from New Zealand.

Over 50% of vapours have now switched to Pod based devices  being the latest in vape technology. New is the KIKIIT disposable  vape pod with a stylish and lightweight design. Fitting snug into the palm of your hand  with a buttonless automatic puff feature that offers a seamless vaping experience . Whisper quiet. Its so simple just take a draw from the mouthpiece and the device will activate automatically.

There is no need to worry about coils or the messy filling of liquid as the disposable nicotine/non nicotine 2.0 ml pods contain everything you need with over 300 puffs per pod.

Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 2 cm





Black, Rose

59 reviews for KIKIT Vape Pod Kit

  1. Deanna Fert

    Best vape experience I have had. Highly recommend

  2. Sanuel Endstein

    Go this today after ordering yesterday so very impressed with quickness of delivery. Got the red one, very cool

  3. Steve Cummins

    Very impressed with this. Lightweight and very quiet

  4. Anna Truern

    Excellent device. So far very reliable with battery life lasting a couple of days . Love the weight of it and the design. Very happy

  5. Grace Juker

    Very quick postage, great communication and super little vape

  6. Susannah Ktrach

    Bit like a Juul, feels really good and has a great tobacco taste. Plenty of vapour. Doesn’t leak and battery better than Juul

  7. Angela K

    Have moved from a tank device because it was just too big. Battery life is ok for a small unit and the pods taste great like a ciggy. Pods last me a day which is more than my Juul. Happy

  8. Evalina Tonlonson

    New to this and was recommended by a friend who had one. Has been a week and haven’t wanted a smoke so really happy. Thanks

  9. Peter

    Love it. So simple to use and very light

  10. Andy Hamils

    Better than Juul and cheaper. Very quick postage

  11. Tammy Holsworth

    Moved from a tank and this is so much easier as I didn’t enjoy changing coils and putting in liquid which I never mixed right anyway

  12. Fiona H

    Excellent customer service and quick postage. Would recommend

  13. George Pappas

    Fist one arrived but was dead . They sent one immediately with a few extra pods so great service

  14. Thomas G

    Very light in the hand, got the black one and so far so good

  15. Tricia Manfre

    Got it as a present and new to vaping, haven’t had a cigarette in a week. Im such a fan. THANK YOU

  16. Sarah Lang

    So happy with this. Really quick shipping

  17. Patsy Anders

    Wow..just like a Juul.Battery better as well. Great

  18. Jahiung Xiu

    Really happy with this. Very light as descried and it is the best device I have used. Great service

  19. Gunna Ackland

    Quick shipping. Love the menthol, its quite minty. Battery life seems to be OK so far. Im a heavy smoker and lasts till about 4ish. Pods dont leak and gives plenty of vapour

  20. Kate Trembath

    Absolutely love it to bits

  21. Tim P

    Super fast post. Would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get into vaping. Pods are a bit expensive but they do last

  22. Susan K

    Such a good hand held unit. Haven’t had a smoke in 2 weeks,so this is working for me big time. Many thanks

  23. Anne H

    My husband got me this bless him. I was a bit reluctant but now a big fan of vaping. Thanks

  24. Sarah Trembole

    Have saved my self over $200 per week being a pack of day smoker. For that reason alone I am a vaping convert

  25. Gurad Singh

    Such quick shipping, awesome.

  26. Renne Wilson

    This thing is so real, the best I have had. Battery life if pretty good, vapour output is surprising and I get a good throat hit from the pods

  27. Lorraine H

    Brilliant. Haven’t had a smoke since I have had this device. I now hate the smell of a cigarette. Great customer service

  28. Gerrard T

    I just wanted to say thank you so much. My wife hated the smell of me smoking and so did my kids. why cant you buy these at the shops, crazy

  29. Tamara S

    If you know what a Juul is, buy this. Pods last longer with 2.00ml of liquid. A little cheaper and lasts longer

  30. Misha D

    Such a cool device, the pouch is awesome. Great service

  31. Stephanie Kreah

    Went from 6 packs of smokes to 1 pack in a week. It has saved me over $200 so its paid for it self already even If I don’t use it again. And I’m feeling less and less like a smoke. Really happy

  32. Olivia North

    Wonderful birthday present. Good battery life and handy pouch. Hope to quit with this

  33. Gabriella Thatery

    Tried a few devices, largely tanks. Coils and liquid filling used to annoy me so although this is a little more expensive than tanks, its just really easy

  34. Joshua Tyrone

    I recommend this totally. very good service and great vape. For $50 its cheaper than most and a good build quality

  35. Felicity Anders

    Its quite strong which I am pleasantly surprised with and the taste is very real like. It leaves my mouth a bit dry though

  36. Mia Cherze

    Better than Juul, smoother taste

  37. Brian O’Flannery

    Dead set the best bloody little thing.

  38. Alison McDonald

    Switched to a Juul Pod, 3 months ago but they are very expensive and this does the job just fine and a lot cheaper

  39. Carisse Thor

    Why cant you get these in the shops. Its ridiculous postage is quick though and I cant fault it.

  40. Sharesh H

    I recommend this product its fantastic !. Great service

  41. Emily S

    Simple to use zero noise and even tough I have dropped it a few times, all good.

  42. Denise Evans

    The battery lasts for ever compared to Juul, slighty bigger but still small.

  43. Janelle T.

    Nice and light, well made .

  44. Ashley K

    Should come with 4 x pods in a pack. But apart from that it works for me

  45. Ahston G

    I don’t normally right reviews but Im going to because this has saved me from smoking. I was a heavy smoker and my family were on my back. My wife got it for me and I was so surprised, I have no desire to smoke at all after trying this. Very happy customer

  46. Francis H

    This has saved me a fortune. I really like the size and its very quite, used to have a manual device which was noisy. This is automatic. A great product

  47. David Kietrhren

    Very impressed. Good battery and pods are good value

  48. Jason K

    The family love it. My first intro to Vaping and am not disappointed, took a week or so to get used too. Big fan

  49. Pauline Baks

    Quick postage and product as described. Happy to recommend

  50. Noah Z

    Had a leaky pod, no questions 3 came the next day. Great service

  51. Aaron K

    Very happy with this, cut back smoking by over 1/2. Wife happy

  52. Pat L

    This has made a huge change to my life.I am starting to hate the smell of cigarette smoke now and haven’t had a cigarette for 2 weeks. Very impressed with this

  53. Lalya Britton

    Battery life is excellent and pods last me 2 days. Menthol is not too sweet with a bit of mint. Good

  54. George K

    Nice feel in the hand, very smooth and light. Tobacco is very real like

  55. Graham P

    Happy to recommend Kikit Vape Pod Kit. Very reliable and good value

  56. Melia T

    Have been vaping for 2 years and tried a few units. This is the best by far I have tried. No power button so its very quiet.

  57. Sussie F

    Love the fact that everything is prefilled. May be more expensive this way but worth it

  58. Denise Evans

    Amazing customer service, they even rang me to ask If was over 18 and that I smoked and also called to see to see how it was going. Highly recommend

  59. Tessa A

    Very satisfied with the vape pod. Efficient and very real like

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